How to get "easy" 3000g.

Well, i guess you heared about CATA Gold runs. Usually you do 25hc PSA - BOT - Td4w - FL - DS.

Well those give you 3000-4000g. You can find a grp on the LF section in wow. (This is not what the topic is about).

Each boss gives you around 125. And a Boss usually dropps 3000g.

Well in throne of the 4 winds, there are only two bosses and the last boss dropps a chest. What you do, is open the chest at first and you dont loot the gold. Nobody else can loot the gold.

You wait until everybody left the instance and goes to FL. (this happens in 1-2min)

If you're alone in the instance, you will get the entire 3000g. This should also work with some chest in DS.

You basically get 3000-4000g through the run and the option of free 3000g multiple times, depending on group.

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