Transmogrification: Battlemage mog set

This is awesome. I myself don't like robes so much, and it seems like most mogs for mages implement a robe. But to the point thanks for making something super rad.

Mog listing:
Head: Cowl of Dark Whispers

Shoulders: Earthripple Shouldpads (Heroic version)

Back: Runescribed Gronncloak

Chest: Drakeweave Raiment

Hands: Netherweave Gloves

Waist: Deckhand's Rope Belt (Mythic Version)

Legs: Silver Thread Pants

Feet: Spidersilk Boots

Weapon: Tower of the Mouldering Corpse with Mark of the Bleeding Hollow enchant.

Alternative earlier incarnation using Mantle of Volatile Ice for shoulders, and Ravenclaw Harbinger as MH, with Silver-Thread Rod as an OH.

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