MoP Battle-Pet Farm (Multi-Person Farm) 9 pets worth 300k in total!

This farm is not so much a gold per hour farm but rather a tutorial on how to make some extra crash with your friends. 9 Battle Pets totaling about 250k-300k gold depending on your servers.

A little PSA before we start.
1: This is not gonna be a get rich quick farm
2: Battle Pets don't sell as fast as they used to with the state of WoW's population right now but its not nearly as slow as something like x-mogs.
3: Most farms don't require other people but if your looking for new & fun things to do with friends this could be it!

1st: Go to the NPC Lorewalker Han because he allows you to queue up for the MoP raids in LFR difficulties. This makes it a LOT easier to 2-4 man old raids in MoP. I personally ran it in normal. Keep in mind if you run it in LFR because you can't handle doing normal the pets you get WILL SOMETIMES be different! and might sell for less.

Raid #1: Throne of Thunder

Get Mogu Runes of Fate in Timeless Isle for 1000 Timeless coins for Bonus rolls because the pets are all 1% drop rate in Throne of Thunder

Pet 1: Dark Quivering Blob from the boss Primordius.

In LFR this pet will give you the Living Fluid pet (32,000g average sale price)

In Normal and above it gives you the Viscous Horror pet (70,000g average sale price)

Pet 2: Ji-Kung Hatchling from the boss Ji-Kun

This pet drops in both LFR and Normal. (27,000g average sale price)

Pet 3: Pygmy Direhorn from the boss Horridon

This pet drops in both LFR and Normal. (20,000g average sale price)

Pet 4: Son of Anumis from the boss Dark Anumis

This pet drops in both LFR and Normal. This is a REALLY good battle pet so it sells quite high for an LFR difficulty pet. (40,000 average sale price)

Raid #2: Siege of Orgrimmar

Get Lesser Charms of Good Fortune for bonus rolls because these pets are also 1% drop rate!

Pet 1: Blackfuse Bombling from the boss Siegecrafter Blackfuse

This pet drops in both LFR and Normal. (25,000g average sale price)

Pet 2: Droplet of Y'Shaarj from the boss Sha of Pride

This pet drops in both LFR and Normal. (45,000g average sale price)

Pet 3: Gooey Sha-Ling from the boss Sha of Pride

This drops in both LFR and Normal (12,000g average sale price)

Pet 4: Kovok from the boss Paragons of the Klaxxi

This pet drops in both LFR and Normal (25,000g average sale price)

Some Notes:

There are mounts available through these farms and also a ton of raw gold!

Check The Undermine Journal to see what your realms prices are on pets!

Since SoO is a long raid and only 2 parts drop pets (on all difficulties) just go to Lorewalker Han and queue up for the two that say "Tell me of the downfall of Garrosh Hellscream" & "Tell me of the Vale of Eternal Sorrows that surrounds us" The other ones don't require farming since they don't drop pets!

Hope you guys enjoy this farm! A friend invited me to do it with him and we had a blast so I figured I would share the wealth and fun!

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