Take 30 minutes to grab these [3 GARRISON FOLLOWERS] Miner+Herbalist+Skinner

Easy to obtain followers to grant you extra work orders in your garrison. *More Work Orders = More Gold*

Garrisons can be confusing, and still confusing for some so I thought I'd make a quick guide on where to get my [3 favorite followers][You assign/put to work these followers from your architect table in your Garrison ]

[1] Kill *[Bolkar the Cruel](Bolkar the Cruel - NPC - World of Warcraft in Nagrand [40.4, 76.2] He will cough up your Goldmane's Cage Key to free [Goldmane the Skinner](Goldmane the Skinner - NPC - World of Warcraft)


[2] [Lantresor of the Blade](Lantresor of the Blade - NPC - World of Warcraft) can be found @ *64.2 - 59.6* also in *Nagrand* [Have a quick conversation with him and..]


[3] [Fiona](Fiona - NPC - World of Warcraft)

She can be found @ *53.6, 57.3* in Shadowmoon Valley

She will give you a couple quests to complete, [Swamplighter Queen](Swamplighter Queen - Wowhead Search) and [Cooking With Unstable Herbs](Cooking With Unstable Herbs - Quest - World of Warcraft) Stoner?.. lol

That will open up a quest beside her called [Blademoon Bloom](Blademoon Bloom - Quest - World of Warcraft) knock that out, speak with her again... and


A lot of comments I get on youtube and twitch are related to Garrison Gold and Followers. [STAY AWAY FROM THE RNG REROLL!!]
[Follower Trait Retraining Guide](Follower Trait Retraining Guide - Item - World of Warcraft)

30 Minutes > Complete RNG 1,000 Garrison Resource Waste

If you would like the visual/audio quick and easy guide it is here for your viewing pleasure:


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