Timewalking God MM - BM BiS

This is a guide for MM and BM hunters BiS in timewalking Dungeons
I've posted BiS guides before for MM spec, but since then after testing and alot of searching i've made a new list, and also for the BM spec.

For MM i use 125 WoD food buff- For BM i use 125 mastery food, MoP agi flasks and potions. Agi rune ofcourse.
Also i use Heroism drums in case we dont have a Heroism in the group.


The MM spec i found, is best in random groups to progress fast and do tons of damage,
On average i did around 12-13k overall dps around 50-85% of party damage.


Use as many agi/crit gems as possible and full crit gems aslong as you dont lose the socket bonuses,
buffed with all buffs including food you should have a passive 23% multistrike and 50% crit,


The BM spec is specialized in AoE damage, and therefull more usefull in combination with BiS tanks, which do 2-4 pulls per dungeon, gets all mobs around a corner and just
Nuke it all down. in seconds.. This is for serious speed farming.


Timing an AoE burst in BM spec goes like this,

Potion drums Focus fire> arcane shot(to make 4 set bonus proc) then Mirror of blademaster Bestial wrath Multishot> Barrage. Keep beast cleave up etc... It can be good to use a few Bombs to aoe interupt spell casting.. it may safe your tanks life. Good bombs are Tinker Bomb enchant on belt. Cobalt frag bomb. and High-Powered Bolt Gun from engi.

Have fun! Timewalking is so much fun!

PS: let me know if you have a way to improve this BiS list.
Ways i thought of are 3 Part Dragonstalker for the 10% increased ATP
Or some kind of AoE trinket for the BM spec which you can do in the 4 sec beastcleave,

I've never been out Dpsed in nearly a thousand runs and nearly all where in MM spec.. BM spec dmg is retarded xD... if you can find a good tank.. enjoy.

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