Monday, April 7

World of Warcraft Exploit: Head and shoulder enchants for twinks

Ok if you did the head and shoulder enchant exploit through the auction house or mail box, this is basically the same way.

What you need:
Full access to a guild bank on the 70 doing the enchant and the twink thats going to be getting the enchanted item, both must be in the same guild

BoE shoulders or helmet
BoE helmet
Enchant from the vendor
Quartz(makes doing it easier)

Put the enchant on your hot bar because if you right click it with guild bank open it tries to put the enchant in your guild bank which obviously doesn't work.

Open the guild bank up and have your helmet or shoulders in your bags, right click the enchant on your hot bar to use it then click the item you want to enchant and it will tell you that this item will become soulbound, click yes and when theres .5 seconds left on the enchant kind of spam cilck the shoulders to put them in the guild bank, if you did it right they will go into the bank.

-USUALLY- no enchant will show up in the guild bank.

But anyways, get on your twink, take them out of the guild bank, -IF- no enchant shows up when you take them out, which usually happens, you have these options:

If the twink is on your account, go to your mailbox and mail the shoulders to your 70 that did them, get back on your 70 then check the mailbox BUT LOOK in the mail box, the enchant usually shows up IN the mail box, so click return and get back on twink and get them.

If the twink is not on your account, put the shoulders or helmet in the auction house, cancel is right after and check the mail box if theres a enchant on them.

I don't know why it works this way, but it does. If theres no enchant after doing all of that, sorry but you will have to try again, I have spent thousands of gold on failed tries.

Both ways will work, but use the auction house method so you don't have to wait an hour for them to go through mail.

This also works with poisons, so you could have a level 19 mage running around with crippling poison rank 2.

Also a good way to practice this is with cheap poisons! Have fun before this is fixed.

the mail/auction house trick will generally make a enchant show up, ii dont know why it works like that but hey, if i take the helmet or shoulder out on my twink and mail it back to my 70 a enchant generally shows up.

strange/odd/whatever. it works.

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