Monday, April 21

Deadmines Trick on Shredder

In the dead mines instance, there is a little trick you can do with shredder, and if you can master it you can kite shredder to death as a hunter (or any other ranging class) without him touching you once. Or you can also use this if your the healer and you get aggro from shredder as a quick way to save yourself.

In the picture bellow, you see 2 lines, a red one and a blue one.

The Red Line indicates the path shredder can take, he will either go north or south along that path, depending where you are standing.

The blue line is the path you take when shredder gets close to you, shredder will then turn and go all the way around the platform to get back to you, because SHREDDER CAN NOT CROSS THE PLATFORM.

Be careful, as if your all the way to the back or front of the pathway he can more quickly get to you, try and stay in the middle.

Another cool trick for engeneres

If your an engenere and have the Gnomish Universal Remote you can use it on shredder and mind control him for 1 minuet, not an exploit but something fun to do.

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