Monday, June 9

World of Warcraft Skinning Exploit, all skinners get points in group.

This requires 2 skinners (haven't tested with more) and 1 mob

So yesterday I was questing on a low lvl with my brother and had to kill various beasts. We both have skinning and used to switch turns. Now when he skinned an animal, I started skinning the same animal right after he started skinning. What happend? He got the leather and a skill point, and I got a skill point but no leather (ofcourse).

So this is actually something usefull if you have multiple skinners in a group, and switch turns to get leather but all skinners can get a skillpoint for skinning.

So in short:

1. Kill a beast
2. Friend starts skinning
3. As you see him starting skinning, start skinning too, as fast as possible.
4. He gets leather, both get skillpoint.

Finally something to contribute!

I tested it and it worked every time, unless I started too late. Screenshots:

This is what you normally get:

This is what I got after:

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