Wednesday, July 30

World of Warcraft Exploit: Drink while in combat

My arena partner and I have been using this drinking exploit for sometime now, and thought I would share it with everyone. We've hit gladiator S1-S3 as restokin/rogue and I can guarantee this exploit has won us many mana battles. This should work with any healer/xxxx team.

What you need is a castbar add-on, I personally use Quartz, but I'm sure any add-on will suffice that shows cast lag.

What you do is cast a healing spell on your partner (big or small, doesn't matter), and on the quartz castbar there should be a red part of the bar at the end. This is the lag on the cast, on your screen the cast hasn't gone off yet, but server side it has already happened. The idea of this exploit is to stop the cast in the red and hit your drink button. My partner says you can also just click the drink button once while in the red w/o stopping the cast, but I prefer to stop it then click the drink button. If you do it correctly, the heal will go off and you will be drinking, WHILE in combat.

This is perfect for getting a large heal on your partner to keep them up long enough for you to get several ticks from your drink. Eventually you will get a good idea of when you will drop combat, so you can start casting the spell while in combat, drop combat mid cast and be able to drink.

Downsides to this is you have to of dropped combat before drinking in combat, this actually happens quite a lot. I am also sure this works for non-heal casts as well such as a mage's frostbolt or something like that.

My arena partner and I figured this exploit on our own, if someone else has posted this before myself, then please ignore it.

Good luck winning all them mana battles in 2s, and good luck on getting 2.2k!

This guide was original postet at mmOverload The best site on the net for World of Warcraft exploits!

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tried it in a duel, doesn't work

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