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How to put yourself at top of damage meters (recount mod)

If your guild DPS is obsessed with damage meters, here is an easy way to always put yourself in the top 5. Its assuming you are using the RECOUNT damage meter (Index of /Recount/), Recount does sync with other players so all of them will see the same numbers you do. The other popular damage meter is SWStats, I do have a hack for that as well but I don't have a version atm thats working with 2.4 - I will post when I update it. I find recount much better than swstats, so try to convince guildies to use Recount.

The trick is basically to constantly inject "fake damage" into recount. Make a new macro, and type one of the following depending on whether you are a melee (rogue, warrior, enh shaman, etc) or caster (mage, warlock, etc).

/script Recount:CombatLogEvent(nil,GetTime(),"SWING_DAMAGE",UnitGUID("player"),UnitName( "player"),0x511,UnitGUID("target"),UnitName("Target"),0x10a48,1250+random(500),1 ,0,0,0,1,nil,nil);

/script Recount:CombatLogEvent(nil,GetTime(),"SPELL_DAMAGE",UnitGUID("player"),UnitName( "player"),0x511,UnitGUID("target"),UnitName("Target"),0x10a48,27072,"Frostbolt", 0x10,1975+random(1000),16,0,0,0,1,nil,nil);

Some explanations:

SWING_DAMAGE or SPELL_DAMAGE are the damage types. There are others, such as Heals, DOTs, and probably ranged. I don't have a hunter so I'm not really sure what their damage is like.

The number 0x511 means the damage was caused by you, a player, shouldn't have to change this.

The number 0x10a48 means that the damage was caused against a hostile NPC that you were targeting. Shouldn't have to change this.

For the MELEE people, 1450+random(500) is how much damage your swing was. Can make it higher or lower, as you please. The random() is there so every melee attack isn't the same amount. The ,1 following means the attack was a crit.

For casters, 27072 is the spell ID of frostbolt. For other spells, go to Wowhead: Your skill in WoW has increased to 375., look up the spellname (in abilities after search), and use the spell ID which is the number in the address bar. So for example Frostbolt rank 13 is 27072, Fireball rank 13 is 27070, or Shadow Bolt rank 11 is 27079. Type in the spell name after the number.

The 0x10 in spells refers to the spell school. 0x10 is Frost. The values are:

school spellSchool
physical 0x01
holy 0x02
fire 0x04
nature 0x08
frost 0x10
shadow 0x20
arcane 0x40

Be sure to change appropriately - if you are a warlock, use fire or shadow, for fire mages use fire, and so on.

So if you are for example a fire mage, your macro would be:

/script Recount:CombatLogEvent(nil,GetTime(),"SPELL_DAMAGE",UnitGUID("player"),UnitName( "player"),0x511,UnitGUID("target"),UnitName("Target"),0x10a48,27070,"Fireball",0 x04,3375+random(1000),16,0,0,0,1,nil,nil);

Put this in a macro, and put the macro somewhere on your button bars. Now while you are fighting trash, boss, or whatever just click the button while you are regularly casting fireball (make sure you have a unfriendly target selected!). You will see your numbers jumping up in the damage meters. You can keep clicking in the middle of casts, it won't interrupt them or anything, just keeps your numbers jumping up!

Don't spam too much or you will do like 4x the damage of the next person, and people will be very suspicious. If you keep yourself always in the top 5 I find it works best, and your guild leaders and officers think you are elite

You can see more details on the parameters at this page, although its pretty technical:

More API COMBAT LOG EVENT - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft

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Anonymous said...

I always get excited about your posts, but I have to say that 80% of them either don't work or the value is inflated to a high degree. Note: This doesn't work.

Travis said...

This does work. I can confirm. it however does not display for anyone else recount. Only your own, so you can spoof link crap or w/e.

Anonymous said...

Oh it works, for YOu and YOU only..and if you're reporting it it will report fake number but if one other person uses recount it doesnt work.

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