Saturday, July 19

Miners Guide to 400g+ per hour

This guide requires you to have Flying epic mount + skill and be a miner, also have done the Preq to Netherwing.

You will be flying around Netherwing Ledge southeast in Shadowmoon Valley.
This will be the route you will be flying.

You shall mine Nethercite Deposits. They respawn on new places each 5th minute.
These Nethercite Deposits drops.

Nethercite ore 5g ea stack
Mote of Fire (1-3x) Primal Fire 40G Almost.
Mote of Earth (1-4x) Primal Earth 8G Almost
Random Blue Gems Around 40g Ea.

Flying around this place for 30min-1h can bring up to 9 gems, 5 primals and Lots of Nethercite ores that sells for 5g on AH for each stack.
You also have a chance of getting Netherwing Egg wich you can turn in for 250 Reputation .

I got around 1200g Farming this place for 2 hours yesterday and today.

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