Monday, August 4

World of Warcraft Exploit: Double CoE

As the new patch when CoS & CoE is merged its only needed one curse in raids.

During the latest KZ run we found out that if you have two Warlocks to use CoE at the same time it have a small chance to stack.
We tried it on a couple of pulls and bosses, worked out ~30% of the time.

As I play a Affliction Warlock and my mate were destro, we gained a total of 23% increased Shadow, Fire, Arcane & Frost damage. Had one Boomking and a Frost Mage with us aswell.
The damage increasement was easy to notice so it wasnt just a visual bug.

Anyways, do keep this is mind for the next raid, when it works, its awesome.

It wont show as a stack like Sunder Armor ect. with a number, it will show two icons with CoE, as seen here, 1st one is on the top to the left and the other locks is on the top to the right (nearly behind the warriors face).

Thats all for me from now, hope you enjoy it.

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