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Zangarmarsh grinding + Herbalism = 400-500g per hour

Ok at first i have to say that this was posted before in some other ways . But i'm visiting the guide section now for about 2 years, hoping that i could find some new guides how to gain more then 500g per hour without any hacks bots or exploits.

But there is still no easier way to get that much money. And after reading that some guys are really happy with just 100g per hour I'm now sharing this kind of guide to you.

So this guide is only about some little guys who can be found here :

There are these two kinds of NPC's you have to kill:
Creature: Withered Giant
Creature: Withered Bog Lord

so now just run around and kill all those NPC's loot everything they drop ! and then use Herbalism to get some primal life or some random herbs from them . You don't have to throw away the grey drops either,
they sell for quite some gold.

This kind of Grinding has also a nice side effect because you gain reputation for Sporeggar when you kill those NPC's ( Tipp for Alchimists: When you get respectful there you can buy the Recipe: Transmute Primal Earth to Water which will give you arround 20g every day for just Transmute some Primal Earth)

Also you do not have to worry about ganks or running out of mobs either,
the only ones ever going there are lvl 62 players doing their quests.

As a Herbalist this particular spot is by far the best for farming gold in my opinion

I hope that you can also enjoy this Grinding spot and that there will be more guides over 500g per hour around here in the futur.

This guide was original postet at mmOverload The best site on the net for World of Warcraft exploits!

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