Thursday, October 16

WoW Cheat: Generate Endless! money with drinking beer

Note: I tested this today on my live realm. Please confirm when it works on yours.

When i bought the brewfest "Beer of the Month". You get this mailed if you got a club membership during the brewfest. I noticed that they don't disappear when they are drunk, but still create empty bottles.

And now the big point: You can sell the empty bottles for ~50 copper per 24 stack. This is quite nothing, but remember that you can produce endless stacks of them. Use this exploit as fast as possible, i think it will soon be fixed!

Tips: Go somewhere to a vendor, where nobody observes you. Maybe you just wont somebody to see you endless drinking, with an army of squirrels around you.

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1 kommentarer:

Unknown on 22 Nov 2008, 20:45:00 said...

at first : nice blog !
i like it really much !

at second : did this almost work ?
or did they fix it ?
i cant try it myself but a friend of mine...but i cant describe him how it work because i dont understand how the beer of the month work.

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