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Disc Priest 3.0.3 PVP Help

After being a longtime shadow priest and recently gone back to Disc for the main reason of Shadow Survivability is terrible and Dispertion is not worthy of a 51 talent point. YES priest did recieve the least amount of buffs from 3.0 deal with it or reroll.

SPEC as this being a guide would really suggest going 50/11/0 right now due to penance being a channeled spell(NO SELF CAST) and you must be infront of the person, it is a cheap greater heal, but I feel as being the target most of the time Desperate Prayer in the Holy Tree is better for the instant 3k heal. Borrowed TIme is very nice as you gain that talent your PWS is now able to absorb over 2.5k dmg depending on your Spell Power and a 25% haste on the next cast after that is quite nice for fake casting.

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Current Arena Comps that Work for us now 2s ! most of the cookie cutters still exist after the release of 3.0. One difference is that mostly all dps classes have a huge increase in dmg and healers are some what gimped right now so full dps teams are being favored now.

Rogue/Disc works good still espically with a mutilate rogue due to huge dmg increase on mutilate and the dmg buff i feel priest got you can pull off the 1.5 dps team very well with the right CC, REMEBER MIND CONTROL is your friend its great for a 20 second CC cycle after a fear.

Mage/Disc one of the comps that poped up late in s3 is actually more powerful then ever due to the mass OPness of Arcane atm, with the right mana useage and CC and you actually should dps in this comp, very offensive play style in order to win. You cannot go on the defensive or your mage will oom and you will lose.

My personal comp im using right now Boomkin/Disc its basically a counter to all the new double dps ret/mage ret/rogue rogue/mage teams out there you both have great CC, ok heals and you have your OH SHIT buttons. Combining the CC you are given it works great and boomkin dps is very good for quick kills and target switching. 2100 rated atm on Whirlwind BG

I know there are more comps that work but im only talking about the ones i have personally played over 2k with. Warlock/Disc is gimped as hell right now try at your own risk.

1. Pain Suppresion early enough so it actually has a point too many times have I seen it used at like 15% and they get dropped anyway use to reduce the burst not after it.

2. LOS and Max Range keep your distance you the environment to your advantage dps classes got a huge buff this patch you may have to fight dirty to win.

3. Rogues target us a lot, keep your dots up on them, watch for the cloak of skill on your fear. FAKE CAST i cannot stress this enough triple poison means you cant get by with no fake casting anymore you have to or you will lose. PS early and watch out do now trinket a KS into a blind and get sapped you will lose, get them to waste COS after that you are free to dmg.

4. Bladestorm does a lot of dmg so save Pain Suppresion for it and remember they cant pummel or stop you from casting so spam heal yourself they will prob have a Execute Proc on you waiting after it. If you can fake them out and out run them go in one direction and go the other keep your distance.

5. Ret Pallys are that bad we can beat easily fear+mana burns=amaze oom ret pallys are useless, Mass Dispell on the Bubble and keep your health up, no trinketing repentance.

Im tired and dont feel like writing more right now so post any feedback tell me if it helped. Hopefully a more comprehensive guild will be inc later. Post any questions!!

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