Sunday, November 30

Northrend Loaned Flying Mounts = Awesome

At level 77 those of us that are too broke to afford Northrend flying can apprently rent a loaned flying mount from "Honest" Max at K3 in The Storm Peaks. The mounts available are:
Loaned Wind Rider Reins
Loaned Gryphon Reins
The mount is free, it flies, but it moves at walking speed. It's a pain if you need it to explore, but it does have some handy uses.

You can mount while moving.

You can mount in combat.

You can even mount while falling.

I believe if you purchase Northrend flying you're unable to get the free mount, but I was able to get the free mount, then I purchased Northrend flying, and I still have the loaned mount in my inventory. I'm not quite sure what other uses it has, it's still a pain to get around while using it. But it's nice to get out of combat free.

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