Friday, November 14

World of Warcraft cheat: Get into Dalaran

Myself, My friend, and his girlfriend all figured this out.

Here's the short guide. Go to The Storm Peaks in Northrend and die. This will grant you the ability to fly around as you're dead.

Now what you do is fly to the south-western most end of The Storm Peaks, you can fly very high and then make your way to Dalaran.

Keep in mind that this may or may not take a few attempts but you'll get it eventually.

Now that you're in Dalaran, what DO you DO?

Easy. Log out, log back in, use the auto-unstuck feature and rez at the spirit healer. Piece of cake!

You're now alive and well in Dalaran. Go set your hearth, do the quest so you can use the crystal from ground level, and you're set.

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