Monday, December 15

Free gold for 325+ Jewelcrafters

Now that I've made a fair bit of coin off of this, I figured I'd share. When you hit 325 JC, you learn the recipe for a Purified Jaggal Pearl. At this point, raid the AH for any regular Jaggal Pearls (they usually go for 25s-50s a pop on my server) that have a buyout of roughly 85s or less. Obviously, the cheaper the better. Now, just grind away creating and vendoring the Purified Jaggal Pearls for a gold a pop. However much less than 85s you paid for each Jaggal Pearl is free gold. The reason for the 85s cutoff is that the Purified Draenic Water needed for the recipe costs about 15s per pop (a little less, actually).

What you end up with is a formula roughly like this:
(1 gold vendor Purified Jaggal Pearl) - (15 silver Purified Draenic Water) - (Whatever the cost of the Jaggal Pearl was) = Profit

And yes, this doesn't seem like much until you consider how quickly it can scale (depending of course upon your server's economy), especially with the right addons (such as ones that buy off the AH automatically under a certain price, open mail in bulk, vendor specific items in bulk, etc). Even if you only made an average of 50 silver off of each, if there were two hundred of them on the AH, that's a quick hundred gold for pretty much zero effort.

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