Tuesday, December 16

[Skinning] Nerubian Chitin || Secluded Area ~660-900G/Hour!

Nerubian Chitin Farming Area

The item in question:

[Nerubian Chitin] a leatherworking reagent for certain patterns , most notably: [Frosthide Leg Armor]

*Note* This item requires a minimum skinning level of 375+ (This information may be incorrect, and requires further review--I'll amend this post accordingly)

The prices will obviously fluctuate per server -- they range from 20-30g per unit on my server.

The aforementioned farming area is a layered/instanced questing zone, that allows for (to a certain degree) unhindered farming

To skin in this area, you must NOT have completed [The Last Line of Defense] .

The mobs in question are:
Forgotten Depths Slayer & Forgotten Depths Ambusher
Location: [84,74]

They have a 30% yield to skin [Nerubian Chitin], and 30% chance to drop 1-4 Frostweave Cloth.

If you are currently on the quest(s): Curing the Incurable and/or Defending the Vanguard -- this may be your exposition to the questing area, as well as the ability to receive 5-6k heals from the NPCs that you release.

You may attack the spiders directly (as long as you get killing blow, you retain the ability to loot the mob) and/or attack the "Webbed Crusaders" in hopes of exposing a spider.

The following are screenshots of this process for your review:

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