Friday, December 5

World of Warcraft Exploit: Old Strat Heroic Exploit

Ok, in CoT: Old Strat Heroic, if you do the dungeon in less then 25 min you get to kill an extra boss who will always drop a Bronze Drake, plus normal heroic boss drops like badges.

Now lets say that your group can't make the 25 min timer, like you've wiped couple times and the timer has droped to like 10 min, here is what you do that allows you to kill that boss if your in the dungeon for 10 min to 10 hours.

Kill enough waves to get to the first boss, wipe on that boss then leave the instance, disband the group, wait about 30 min or even longer (just not long enough for the dungeon/raid id to reset) then go back in and do it like normal, zap the boxes, kill the waves and bosses, then when you get to the last boss, he'll still be there no mater how long you took.

Now you don't gotta rush through to get there. Enjoy!

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