Thursday, January 22

Climb On top of Thunderbluff Building

This can be used for ganking hordes without them having any possibilities.

Basically you can get ontop the huge thunderbluff Tent on Elder Rise. I`ll explain in these steps with Screenshots

1. Get to this spot on elder rise. Jump on the stump connected to the rope.

2. This is the trickiest part. You have to jump up on the rope just as the right angle or you will fall. If you jump correctly you will stay on the rope. It might take several attempts to get it right. IMPORTANT u must be continually running on the rope or you will slide off, If i remember right, I could be wrong try it both ways

3. Continue jumping up until you reach the top. Position yourself right and jump onto the tent. Gratz! Your ontop

4. In trade offer 5000 gold to whoever gets to your spot. Hopefully they haven`t read this or your screwed.

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