Tuesday, February 17

WOW Tricks - Easy way to beat Skadi on Utgarde Pinnacle

Here is an easy way to beat Skadi in Utgarde Pinnacle heroic and regular.

All you do is initiate the Skadi event by running at him. When he engages turn around and run out of the room. Look where my party is waiting for me so you have an idea where to go. Count to about 5 seconds or so then everybody runs back into the room where Skadi is and down the hallway. At the end of the hallway you're going to aoe all the mobs down in the alcove where they spawn.

There you go. Enjoy

This does work its just a matter of getting people to stand in the right place.
There is a little tunnel between the Skadi hallway and the last boss room. The "right" place to stand is on the "last bosses" side of the tunnel.

Once they are standing in the right place you go and aggro the boss and run back to "the right place" then he will be up in there air so you get everyone to run down to the end of the hall (where the harp lanchers are), there will be no mobs to fight.

Skadi respawns where he was originally so you need to get someone to aggro him again. So you Aggro him and run back to the group. Mobs will start coming out of the gates where the grp is and from here you just continue the normal boss fight.

This saves alot of trouble because you dont have to run to the end anymore. If i PuG it is nearly impossible to beat this boss without bugging him lol (nubgrand).

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