Wednesday, March 11

awesome dmg exploit fury warrior

Okay guys i just tested something on the ptr.
Its called dual speccing, and because blizzard decided to nerf us furys hard, i tried something, and awesomly it worked, and far better than i had thought.

So here is what i did.
1. Got dual spec.
2. specced full arms pve.
3. specced full fury pve (second spec)

Then i created a raid and traveled to naxxramas. Got in the instance switched fury , equipped my eppeing 2 handers in both hands. Specced arms again and rocked everything with best dps , i got to 6 k but then the tank couldnt tank anymore.
Yeah guys this is the old dual spec exploit everybody was talking about when they first talked about it, but i tested it, screened it. Confirmed it, and i was the first one who posted this exploit when dual spec was still in discussion. I really was, check forums for my old post. Now i confirmed.

The possibilitys to use this are endless, because you can spec normal fury spec , dont put the point in titans grisp, put a full titans grasp spec in your second specc place and boom, you have titans grasp but no 10% melee dmg penalty, talking about bypassing blizz system.

This of course works for shamis to. with dual wield.

You see i really thought about this and did not post just the exploit to farm some rep, i think this is really awesome.

But i cant see elite section of this forum so i cant totally make sure that its not a repost, and i dont want people to steal this and place it somewhere else or, that everybody uses this and hello it is patched on life because that whouldnt be cool.

So please remove this to elite if you are a mod because it is so great that only the best should know and use it, we dont wanna have it nerfed to soon.

Okay sorry guys photobucket is down right now but i will upload the pics and edit them in here when photobucket is up again.

I can really tell you its not a fake and thats it is awesome.

Even a def warrior with a 200 stamina weapon in main hand and shield in off hand will be possible when ulduar goes life. This can really help you on hard fights like sarth 3 drakes where mt gets tons of damage.

And the best thing is, its all completly free, you dont have to have an inscriber with a book with you, you dont have to have to zone.

Naturally because i didnt mention it:

This fades on zoning and loging, but that doesnt make it any less usefull because, you can just switch spec ti fury with tg equip both weapons again and switch back, it will not cost you more than the short cast time and the speccing.

I hope that i have found something which will be of great use for this community.

Thanks for reading my wall of text if you did and i will post pics and correct some mistakes later. Sorry but english is not my mother languag

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Anonymous said...

This should be nerfed now; when you change specs and lose Titan's Grip, your weapons are considered broken (0 durability) until you unequip and re-equip them, then they come back to normal... =(

Anonymous said...

I used this before Wotlk came. When titans grip came you could do the same thing by just respeccing every time, ofcourse you couldnt zone out anywhere, but made some duels really fun.

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