Thursday, April 23

WoW: Argent Tourney Combat Pets Out While Dueling exploit

Hey, guys.. I discovered a fun little exploit that will help speed up your duels at the Argent Tournament. (Especially if you haven't found a technique to defeat them easily.) Note: Other friends/characters can attack the NPC's that you are dueling as well. However, this is something you can do yourself. So as you know, when you mount up, you will temporarily lose your pet (ie, Hunter's pet, Warlock summon, etc.). However, if you call a "termporary pet" right before you mount up it will stay with you for it's normal duration. - On a DK, this will only work when you summon a temporary Ghoul. (So, you can't have the "Master of Ghouls" talent or it will disappear.) 1. Equip your Jousting Lance as normal 2. Summon Ghoul 3. Mount Up 4. Throw on your shielding as you're running over to challenge an NPC, since the pet is temporary and you don't want to waste any time 5. Enjoying kiting the NPC around while your pet beats down on him - A Mage can cast Mirror Image and/or Water Elemental right before mounting, and they will remain and assist you in combat. The following are untested, can you guys test and confirm? - Priest - shadowfiend, although there's really no point =] - Shaman - Spirit Wolves? I'm guessing yes, same exploit. - JC "pets" that can heal you? (kinda useless for the amount they heal though) - Temporary trinket pets - like the Pally summon from the Scourge Invasion event? Any other temp pets from quests/trinkets/items. And the big question for all you Shammies out there: Can you drop TOTEMS (which are considered temp. summons), mount up and they remain? It would be great to find a little secluded area, drop Healing/Fire/Earth Elemental totems, mount up, duel an NPC, and bring back to the totem radius. Would be awesome if that works as well. Anyhow, let me know about testing on the other items, I suspect they will work as well.. but I'm just not sure about totems. Enjoy

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