Sunday, June 14

[Rogue] Hemorrhage Bug gets you 2CP

I found out that as an Rogue if you spec into Hemorrhage it usually give you 1 Combo Point.

But if you have in your second Spec the

Glyph of Sinister Strike (Use: Your Sinister Strike critical strikes have a 50% chance to add an additional combo point.)

this also works for Hemorrhage.

This make the Hemorrhage PvP Spec much more interesiting now! Because atm the Hemorrhage PvP Spec is dead -.-

The PvP Build:

The PvE Build:

This maybe works also on other side. For classic PvE combat spec u need theese 3 Glyphes (Killing Spree, Sinister Strike, Rupture) With thjis bug/exploit u can drop Sinister Strike maybe and replace it for example with Adrenaline Rush in Order u have Sinister Strike in your PvP Spec

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