Wednesday, June 24

World of Warcraft Cheat: Easy chess if doing Karazhan

Me and a friend decided to go duo Karazhan. Once we got to chess we first failed on it once. When trying the second time I got into the king to start the event and then when I was to leave the king it had bugged on me and I couldn't exit. So to fix it I tried to relogg. Now, when I had gotten back in I had left the king and it had despawned! So the enemies couldn't win by killing our king anymore so we had it very easy to just nuke down their pieces.

So simply,
  • 1. Get in the king

  • 2. Relogg while still in the king

  • 3. When you've logged back king will despawn

  • 4. Kill the other team with no risk to yourself

It might have been just a one-time bug but as Kara is a 1-week reset I can't really get in to try it again...

Might be useless to some but figured it might be nice to people attempting to solo/dua Kara.

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