Tuesday, June 2

World of Warcraft Exploit: Soulbinding leg kits

New twink exploits. Should work with LK leg kits (50sp 30st).
  • Get one of the mentioned leg enchants and some BOE legs.
  • Add the armor to the legs. It will warn you that the item will become soulbound. Click yes.
  • At this point, you have a pair of soulbound pants with level 80 kit on them.
  • Now, here is how to make them no longer soulbound. You have to break them. Go die a few times until the durability of that item is 0/??. The item will still show soulbound and show the enchant. Log off and right back in. At this point, the pants will still be broken and the enchant will not be visable anymore (I think), but they are no longer soulbound.
  • Mail them to your twink.
  • Log twink in and grab them. They are broken and won’t show the enchant. Go repair. Repair all, including what is in your bags. Don’t equip until after you repair. The legs will show repaired, but still no enchant. Log off and back on and there you are… done. Game over, cheats ahoy.
DO NOT EQUIP THE ITEM ON YOUR MAIN LEAVE IT IN YOUR BAGS WHEN YOU DO THIS, PLEASE READ THE DIRECTIONS CLOSELY. YOU CAN PRACTICE THIS WITH SHAMAN WEAPON ENCHANTS. Works with Ouland helm stuff, LK leg kits, Shaman Weapon enchants (80 shaman stuff on white weapons is LULZ). I'm sure this works with poisons as well just haven't tested. Working on some consumables as well.

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chin said...

Thanks for sharing about that soulbinding leg kits! I'll probably do what you've mentioned.

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Jingo said...

This doesn't seem to work anymore (june 6th)

Anonymous said...

This doesn't seem to work anymore with the new patch

sQren on 23 Jun 2009, 10:21:00 said...

Confirmed fixed with lastes patch

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