Sunday, July 19

Mana trick on General Vezax (Not fel pot. or DI +Innervate)

Some months ago (!) me and my guild went to General Vezax 25-man to make our first attempts on downing him...
This is not relevant info for more or less anyone of you, but i felt like starting out with something soft... Anyhow, i'll get straight to point from now on.

If a Holy Paladin (or any other Paladin for that matter) dies during the fight and your guild decides to combat ress him, which is rather likely, especially if he's holy, it will take about one second for him to get affected by the "non-mana-regen-at-all-debuff".
What he can do at that moment is simply accept the ress and then spam his Lay on Hands spell and recieve the mana given by it... Might not be much, but it's something and really nothing that takes any skill or practise to learn...

Im sure there are alot of different ways that you can use this exploit in, like popping a regular mana pot might work aswell during that time without the debuff... I dont see any reason for why it wouldnt...

I'd also guess a soulstone ressurection gives the same "effect" as a combat ress does, but i havent gotten that confirmed, neither the mana pot thing.
Combat ress however is confirmed and it did work the last time i went to General Vezax.

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