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World of Warcraft program. how to play wow at work/school

Ever wanted to play WoW in Public areas like School? But your blocked by this annoying firewall?
I recently found an answer.

Yourfreedom + Sockscap32 = FREEDOM

Tutorial on how to make Your Freedom work.

Register an account and wait 5 - 10 minutes. Your Freedom: HOME
Download Your Freedom from link.

Install the program.

Run through the Wizard, just press Next all the time.

At the server select, select the best suitable server to where your located..

All settings are ok as they are in the main window of Your Freedom. So dont play with them, if you dont know what your doing.

Now that you know how to work with Your Freedom, go to the lower tutorial and see how to make everything work

Here is a complete guide of how to get World of Warcraft working over Your freedom:

1. You only need one other program other than YF (Your Freedom) and WoW, this is SocksCap. or just google it.

2. Make sure YF is set so that the Socks 4/5 port is enabled and set to 1080 (that’s the default)

3. Open up SocksCap, click on File and then go to Settings and make sure the

SOCKS Settings tab looks like this:

With the SOCKS Server set to “localhost” and port set to “1080″

4. Now click on the “New” button on the Sockscap main window, then click on

the browse button in the window that comes up.

Go to the folder “C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft” (or wherever your WoW folder is stored) and double click on the program called WoW.exe.

The Sockscap main window should now look like this:

5. Make sure YF is connected to a European Server if you’re playing WoW in Europe, or to an American server if you are playing in America, as this will reduce lag in the game.

6. Once YF is connected, double click on the WoW icon in the main Sockscap window, or click on the WoW icon and then click on the “Run!” button. World of Warcraft will now run and connect to the WoW server when you log in.

Happy Playing.


Accordingly, you can only play for 1 hour at a time.
After 1 hour, it automatically DC’s you and you have to write a code to enter again.
But qflame gives us the super cool information, that if you have an
account for 3 days and/or over, you will get a Pro membership Trial.
Giving you 6 hours of gameplay straight out.

Now here comes his tip
Make alot of accounts and let them all get a Pro Membership Trial and there you go
Lots of hours of gameplay if you really are this much of a freak.
Of Course, just logging into the Your Freedom servers is just as easy, as it only takes
2 minutes or so, and your in again.

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