Wednesday, August 19

Easy Gold: White Kitten

Today I'm gonna detail one of the items in the game that translates into pure profit. I'm talking about one of the rarer vanity pets that you can purchase from a vendor. Unfortunately for Horde, this item is Alliance only, unless you can find it in one of the neutral auction houses or someone manages to transfer it over.

You can read more about the White Kitten on Breanni's excellent pet website. So what's the deal about this pet? Well, it is sold by Lil Timmy in Stormwind in limited supply of 1. He has a fixed path (find out more details under the provided links) and respawns roughly every 3 hours.

The pet itself can be bought for 60 silver BUT sells on the auction house for around 100 gold!! The trick is to find Timmy and after you find him it depends on your luck if he hasn't sold it already.

My trick for getting this pet is to stick one of my toons in Stormwind on Timmy's route and log on to this character occasionally. I use a 70 rogue that I don't play and the fast mount makes this easier. I then loop the entire route and check for him quickly. Since I found out about this pet about a month ago I've already bought and re-sold it for 100 gold profit about 5 times. I would say 100 gold for 1-2 minutes of your time is definitely time well spent.

When selling the pet on the auction house, don't be impatient and put it up if there are too many of them and prices are very low. Sometimes they go way below 80 gold. I always hold off until they hover around 100 and never fail to sell it.

Now good luck in stalking Timmy and the highest of profits to you!

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Anonymous said...

4 years ago it was a daily income for me :)

Unknown on 21 Oct 2009, 21:55:00 said...

Sell it in the AH in bootybay for 1000g or more. Because horde can buy items there.

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