Sunday, August 30

How to kill all lowlevels in your city as Mage or Warlock

Tested. 3.1.3

In the Dragonblight there is a Mage Hunter.

First you go to a Mage Hunter there. Then the Warlock ports you to the Auctionhouse in SW / OG .

If you get the Message to accept the port, do this:

Cast Shadowbolts as long as he casts Shadow Reflection. Then you cast Seed of Corrumption and you'll get the Debuff! Kill him fast with firespells and port yourself into the AH. You'll explode and kill some players.

Cast Fireballs as long as he casts Fire Reflection. Then you cast Living Bomb, you'll get the debuff. Kill the Target fast with Arcane/Frost spells and port yourself to the AH. Youll explode and kill some players.

The spells:


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