Friday, August 14

Make 150k XP pr. 10 min in Battleground

I've found that a LOT of people still aren't aware of the massive amount of experience you can gain with the new BG changes (over the past couple weeks, 80's are still surprised to learn that they can level their alts in BGs).

he best BG for gaining XP is currently Alterac Valley. I've been levelling my alts at a rate of 150,000 - 175,000 xp every 9-12 minutes in AV. This is probably the fastest method to level outside of the old instance AOE approach. I also get roughly 1800-2000 honor per game, which can be turned in for 80 PVP gear or the new epic gems (which cost 10,000 honor each.)

You'll be able to level your 70's to 80 easily in one day. I'm suspecting that this will probably be patched by Blizzard however..

Each Tower Cap, Boss Kill, and Tower Hold rewards roughly 17-20k XP depending on your level. The trick is though, to ensure that you win every time. Jump into AV and see for yourself, if you win you'll see an increase of 2-2.5 bars of XP each time.

However, I would recommend that you check your Realm Forums and see if there are any AV Pre-Mades available that you can join. They're very simple, just jump on Vent and listen to instructions - if you follow your objectives, you'll win every AV match (occasionally a "Perfect AV" (Achievement) if the leader changes up strategies.)

If you are Horde and on the US Cyclone Battlegroup, the following AV-Premade is very active:
> Xrealm Premades / Easy honor / Need Vent - no addons / Multiple AV Premades / No groups needed - pst for info
> VENT - - PORT 3812 // Name Format: Name / Server

The rules have recently been changed however. They used to allow any levels in, but some of the members were complaining. Now, if you're a guest you'll need to bring in a 78+ alt, but if you're a member 75+ are fine. Lower levels they will often allow (ie, a well geared 70 can out-DPS an 80 in trashy blue/greens for example), as long as you're non-fail and you follow instructions. (It also depends on who is leading the group though, Spazzer is the best and is pretty fun to listen to. Just keep your mouth shut. =] )

You can join for free (Guest), and come-and-go as you please. However, there are sometimes long wait times depending on the time of day you join.

You can gain full membership (meaning you skip the queue and can jump right in), by paying $5 IRL on (I know I know, but it's actually a really good service and worth it), or you can pay in Gold in game (depends on server, but ranges from 800 to 2000G).

One bonus is that if you're a Member, the owners will allow you to collect gold yourself on the servers (higher if you have no competition). You can charge any amount you want and keep the gold, but you would need to pay their $5 (Paypal, CC, etc) for their membership. For example, 5000 Gold (which people WILL pay for this service.)

Hope this helps guys. Normal/random AV matches are fine, but I find that the Horde Cyclone group loses a lot (because of the terrain unbalances and distances. Alliance side was definately favoured by Blizz for this BG.) If you're Alliance, just ignore this post.. but if you're Horde and you want to level your alts fast, check out the vent as a Guest for a couple weeks and see if the full service is worth your while.

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Guest said...

on my battle group, we win AV like 10% of the time, if we're lucky.
and we all know AV's maps favour alliance, so I'm just wondering how long it would take for an alliance toon to go up levels...

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