Tuesday, September 15

Bypass 5 instance-ID's per hour-limit

Simple way to bypass the ID-limit in instances.
1 SM-Cath-Run takes 3 minutes with 1 pull. I RAF'd 2 chars, so 3 accounts.

First, clear instance with your main. I just ran to the boss and killed him, you have to survive the 9sec stun. Run back to your toons at entrance and bomb everything.

If everything is dead, log out with your main. A toon has lead now. Go with both out of the instance and reset normally. Disband the group and log back in with your main. He is now in a new ID. Invite the two toons and enter instance, repeat.

I always disable addons because of faster login and entering instance. If your toons are too low, they will aggro the first mob, so kill this first.

Perfect method for fast RAF'ing, also great for farming the Deathcharger's Mount or chests.

Short version:
  1. Clear instance.
  2. Log off with main.
  3. Leave instance with toon(s) and disband group.
  4. Reset normally.
  5. Log back in with main.
  6. Invite toon(s) and enter instance.
  7. ???
  8. Profit

"Additional instances cannot be launched" is the problem. DO NOT do this at peak times or whenever you can't enter the instance immediately. You get ported to hearthstone-location.

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yanjiaren on 15 Sept 2009, 23:33:00 said...

My Son is a great WOW fan. I always wanted to play WOW too but unless I get enough money to be able to spend a few hours at it I have to wait. i think it's a great game for the brain.

Anonymous said...

Does not work as of August 10th 2010.

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