Friday, September 4

Faction-Change Tips

Before you hop right on the Faction Train there are a few things you might want to remember. Here are a few:

- Make sure you have transfered all the gold you want to take to the character you are changing. (Up to 20k but you can also craft things such as choppers if you want to essentially bring a lot more.)(Remember that horde cannot use alliance choppers and vice versa [thanks pman22])

  • Check your AH prices for certain goods. Say as alliance you can get Icethorn for 12g a stack and on horde it goes for 25g a stack you could make some great profit.

  • Make sure to pick up any items easily found on your faction (Alliance - White Kitten Carrier, Horde- Black Kitten Carrier and essentially any other faction specific mini pets)

  • If you PvP make sure you find out which Race is best for you in PvP (Human for alliance)

  • Make sure any heirlooms you want on the other faction are on the character you switch.

That's all I can think of right now but if anyone has anything else to add just leave a post and I'll edit it (with credit given to you of course)

Good Luck with your change

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