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Leading the Cavalry (50 Mounts Achivement)

This guide is geared towards level 80 players with a decent amount of gold, Lower level characters can not do all of these things.

Havent done anything on the site in a long time, searched over and over for this before I gave up, and I wouldnt mind getting Contrib rank, so I figured, hey, Ill contribute.


This is a guide on How to get > [Leading the Cavalry] <> achievement, and getting the [Reins of the Albino Drake].

Getting 50 mounts isnt really all that hard, Just expensive and time consuming.

First, You really need to be (This being the easiest way I have found) Exalted with all the 5 home cities. This is much easier at level 80 where, If you quested to level, You should be at least revered with everyone. The easiest way is to do all the quests in Mulgore, Durotar, Barrens, Silverpine/Tirisfal, and Eversong for horde, and Elwynn, Dun Morogh, Teldrassil, Darkshore/Westfall/Ashenvale and Both of the Draenei Starting Islands for Alliance.
This is not very hard if your 80, and Can be done with a few hours each day in a little over, if not under, a week. You also get the title 'Ambassador' And [Ambassador of the Horde/Alliance]. Once thats done, You can go and buy all the mounts...


Trolls = Raptors >> Sen'jin Village in Durotar
Orcs = Wolves >> Orgrimmar in the Valley of Honor
Undead = Undead Horses >> Brill in Tirisfal
Tauren = Kodos >> Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore
Blood Elfs = Hawkstriders >> Right Outside of Silvermoon City


Humans = Horses >> Menethil Harbor an Eastvale Logging Camp >Elwynn
Dwarves = Rams >> Amberstill Ranch in Dun Morogh
Gnomes = Mechanostriders >> Outside Kharanos in Dun Morogh
Night Elves = Nightsabers >> Darnassus > Cenarion Enclave
Dreanei = Elekks >> RIGHT Outside of The Exodar


All Epic mounts at Exalted = 8g
All Non-Epic mounts at Exalted = 80s

That right there, gets you a total of 33 Mounts >> Sooo... >> 33/50

Just 17 more

Next, A Fairly easy one, its free, But takes some time, For those of you out there who like to PVP, This isnt going to be such a big deal. Get 90 AV Marks of Honor, and 30 WSG Marks, and 30 AB Marks......
Go Buy a Frostwolf Howler, Or a Stormpike Charger from the Alterac Valley Quartermaster in the Alterac Mountains. (60 AV Marks). Then Go and get ONE PVP Mount (any of them) from the Mount vendor in Orgrimmar or SW. They can be found where you would buy any PVP Gear or Old Weapons.

Thats 35/50, 15 More

Next, And this one takes some time, The EASIEST way to get the majority of the last mounts is to grind Mag'har, or Kurenai, This is really very easy, The Obsidian Warbeads Stack to 200 and turn in in stacks of 10, for 500 reputation each, The OGRES Which drop them give 10 Rep each. Although its Very time consuming, It goes alot quicker than most rep grinds.
From this, you can buy 8 Talbuk Mounts. 4 Riding Mounts for 40g Each, and 4 War Mounts for 90g each, both 100% speed Ground mounts. Buy them all, And you will have 43 Mounts.

Just 7 More!

As stated above, this guide was made for level 80s, so I assume you have at LEAST Normal flying.

Buy all of the 3 Normal Flight speed Mounts, thats 3 mounts, just 4 more. This next one is quite hard, and you might not get it done solo.
The Blue,Green,Yellow,Red [Resonating Crystal]s. They All drop from TRASH In The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, A level 60, 40 Man raid instance. The Green, Blue, And Yellow have a fairly high drop rate, but The red one is only 2.2%.
AQ40 Is in southeast Silithis. There are two of the instances, Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, and The TEMPLE of Ahn'Qiraj. Make sure to go to the temple, which is up the big stairs to the right when you come in. The first four Big Statue guys in the beginning of the instance have the highest chance to drop the mounts.

You want to make sure to kill the Obsidian Destroyer that patrols there first.

The thing with the first 4 is, they all start with a random buff, and when that one dies, he gives his unique buff to all of the others. Example: Mortal Strike, 50% Reduced healing Debuff that He will cast. You want to make sure that you get the right ones with the right debuffs down first, like one that does thorns, No one cares about thorns, and if they all have em, who cares.
Anyway, What you want to do is get a group, Go in, Kill the Obsidian Destroyer, Kill 3/4 of the first Stone guys, and run out, then Come back in, kill 3/4, And rinse and repeat, Looting them as you kill them to see if they drop the mounts.

Now, since the Red mount is such a rare drop, For those of you who are rich, Go to Mei Francis in Dalaran and buy the Brown Bear from her, Therefore replacing the red bug mount. Note: The Bugs that you get can only be used in AQ40 and AQ20, But count towards the 50 mounts achievement.

Well, Thats it, 50 Mounts, and an Albino Drake to boot, Enjoy your Achievements and new mounts.

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Unknown on 4 Oct 2009, 14:52:00 said...

Bug mounts don't count towards your 50 sorry. :(

Unknown on 16 Oct 2009, 02:23:00 said...

Yes they do, Lloyd. I have 15 mounts atm, including the AQ40 mounts, and the achievement says 15/25. :P

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