Friday, October 9

Extra heal potions for PvP combat

Standard heal potions are usually on the same timer (2 min), allowing you to use only one per fight. There are however a few other consumable heal items that are on different timers (and those are only 1 min). That comes in especially helpful in PvP encounters.

In Felwood there is a repeatable quest that allows you to get several rewards, including +10 STA food, a one hour buff (+5% chance to land a critical hit and +15 to all attributes) and, exactly, two heal items, each of them on a different timer and both of them not on the standard heal potion timer.

The salve can be applied to the corrupted plants in Felwood to get the above stated rewards. The plants that yield the heal potions are:

  • Corrupted Night Dragon (394 - 456 hp heal potion) - Locations

  • Corrupted Whipper Root (700 - 900 hp heal potion) - Locations

Since those quests are repeatable and Cenarion Plant Salve can be gained from pretty much anything you do in Felwood, it's a reliable source.

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