Thursday, October 22

Learn Alliance Flight Path as Horde and vice versa

This trick requires a Priest and another character.
While fooling around yesterday, I found out that if you mind control the Alliance flight master in the Rebel Camp in Stranglethorn Vale, you can right-click him to learn his flight path even if you are horde.
Right-clicking him again presents you with the "You don't know any flight paths connected to this one" error message, so I assume you could use Alliance Flight paths as horde (and vice versa) using this technique.

TL;DR version:
  1. Mind control one of the susceptible flight master
  2. Right-click him while he is Mind Controlled
  3. You will learn the (opposing faction) flight path

List of flight masters that have been found susceptible to this:
  1. The Alliance Flight Master in Rebel Camp (Stranglethorn Vale)
  2. All Alliance and Horde Northrend Flightmasters

Learning the Flight path:

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