Sunday, November 1

Get behind the lake behind northshire

  1. First fly to Morgan's vigil in the burning steppes
  2. Go to the far southwestern corner of burning steppes
  3. You sould find some rocks that you can climb up, climb them and if you see green grass you're almost there.
  4. Jump down, i would suggest using using noggenfogger elixir, from the thirsty goblin questline that you get from marin noggenfogger in gadgetzan. just keep drinking them and once you get the "you feel lighter" buff jump down, because it doesn't last long
  5. Now you are in the water behind norhtshire.
  6. If you go all the way to the west you will find a place where the water just stops. you can do all sorts of fun little tricks with this, like swimming in the air if you go on the ledge and then swim. or you can fall through water if you swim of of the ledge( you should have your hearthstone ready if you do this because so far I haven't found a way to get out).

Thanks for reading about this and i hope you amaze all your friends!

ok the pointer on the map is where the rocks are

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