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Paladin Talent Guide

  • Can wear plate armor
  • Can heal, tank, and DPS
  • Can use shield
  • Uses auras to buff other players
  • Has abilities to go completely immune to all damage for a period of time
  • Dependant on mana
  • Limited ranged abilities
  • Lower base hit points than Warriors
Stats To Get For Tanking:
  1. Stamina, Defense
  2. Strength, Agility, Hit, Expertise, Dodge, Parry, Block
  3. Intellect
Stats To Get For Healing:
  1. Spellpower
  2. Intellect, Mana Regen
  3. Stamina
Stats To Get For DPS:
  1. Strength, Crit
  2. Agility, Hit, Expertise, Attack Power
  3. Stamina
Gear to Look For
You'll be wearing plate all the time except when you are healing then it's okay to use any armor you get with good stats. Sometimes you can go down to mail armor if your plate armor slot is bad but it's not recommended.

Here is some gear to look out for:
Bandit, Bear, Beast, Champion, Eagle, Elder, Hierophant, Invoker, Monkey, Owl, Prophet, Sorcerer, Tiger

Talent Templates
Most people use the retribution tree to grind for at least the first 30 levels, but the build template I'm going to give you is for the protection tree. I wouldn't use it till you pick up Judgment of Light at level 30 though. The reason I choose protection for grinding is that you can solo really really hard bosses in this spec or you can AoE grind (pull multiple mobs at a time) and burn them down. The 1on1 DPS is not the greatest but it's manageable, your focus should be to pull multiple mobs always.

Rotation Suggestion
Avenger's Shield, (when you have it), Holy Shield (when you have it), Hammer of Righteousness (when you have it), Consecration, Judgment of Light

Major Glyphs to Get
Glyph of Consecration
Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous

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