Friday, November 20

Winterveil! Stockup!! (What, already!?)

Another little gold making tip.

Every year Winterveil comes through, and people need small eggs, I'm not sure why, cookies or something.

Here are in, (My Opinion) The best spots to farm them.


Westfall, Anywhere you see a vulture, pull it's head off. And still it's eggs.


Outside Silvermoon City, Dragonhawks! Same deal, de-head them and loot the eggs, I'm sure someone could whip up a botting profile for these,

If you're going to do that swing by - WoW Addons WAR Addons Gamer Blogs Forums and pick up Lootfilter.
LootFilter - Addons - Curse

Last year I made a killing off this by dominating the AH, I got (over all of Winterveil a total of 2500g~

A note on lootfilter, only allow it to filter bags that don't contain reagents / food, etc.

I made a mistake of not doing this and lost 600 symbol of kings and 100 food and water. -.-

Also if your botting, be sensible.
DON'T get banned.
DO make money.

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