Wednesday, December 16

Disenchants rolled items w/o enchanter

I've been raiding with friend on the new icecrown citadel in 10 man's raid today.
We were ashamed to not have an enchanter with us, and as you may now, the disenchant fonction in the roll window were disabled.

Lucky me, i got a friend who weren't in raid & Afk in Dalaran. I asked him to group with us (as the eleventh player) to try & see if disenchants could work, based on this player.... And it did !

So, to be brief :

  • Group with an enchanter (even if your raid is full)
  • Let him stay wherever he wants, he doesn't have to fight or even play
  • Loot items in dungeon/raid and pop the roll windows
  • See the disenchant button active
  • ?????
  • Enjoy
As it may be of pretty low use, it's indeed the best way to save some prismatic shard.

On a second way, i tried the same thing after my raid when i were farming ZG mounts. I was alone (prot pally FTW) inside ZG & grouped with him in Dalaran

Each loot were offering me disenchant fonction.

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