Thursday, December 10

[Engineering] Make up to 800G/Hour in Sholazar! (3k/Hour for Multiboxers!)

So engineering really aint the best moneymaker, neither is it good for anything other than "fun". But (!) there is one thing that engineering is useful for... "What's that O' Great Dale93?" You may ask yourself. Well, the answer is simple, Gas Clouds. Sholazar has for a long time been known as the best Herbalism/Mining place, but a problem is, its way to crowded, just like Icecrown. So really, the money aint that great. So im going to show you how to make alot of money in Sholazar, even when its crowded. First of, you will need Zapthrottle Mote Extractor - Item - World of Warcraft the good old Mote Extractor from TBC. This great device has saved many broke people throughout the years, and it will now save you from being broke. Second, you may have herbalism/mining as a secondary proffesion, just for a little extra money. With the path I use, I use about 10 minutes around Sholazar, every run results in 2-3 Eternal Fire and 1-2 stacks of Saronite, a few Crystallized/Eternal Shadow, earth and water. And maybe a few gems/titanium ore if im lucky. The spawnrate on Gas Clouds and Mining/Herb nodes is far from too long. You can probably reduce the size of the path by 50% (cutting down on a few nodes/clouds) and still you wont have to wait for the respawn. The difference between the Gas Clouds from Outlands and those in Northrend is that the ones in Northrend usually doesnt move more than maximum 10 yards away from their spawn-point. Thus making it alot easier to follow a route as you wont have to fly in a 30 yards radius around each spawnpoint. And here is the route:
I usually fly from Dalaran -> River's Heart (Middle of Sholazar) since it saves me the amazing amount of 60s or something, since I'm not flying to Nesingwary. And from there, I fly straight South till I get to the path, then I just start following it to the east, and circle around Sholazar, following the path. (Note: This is the best path to follow, I've tried modifying it many times, but still this is the best.) The pinpoints on the map are pretty much accurate of where you can find Gas Clouds, I have decided not to tag Saronite/Herbs on the map, seeing as this is mainly for Engineers. (Please feel free to modify the map with Saronite/herb spawns.) Note: Each Gas Clouds contains 2-4 Crystallized Fire and 1x Crystallized Water. The Clouds are Named Steam Cloud, you cannot find them on Wowhead, seeing as they aint "objects". You can track them on the map if you ahve the mote extractor in your backpack, you can track both gas Clouds and Ores/Herbs at the same time. Now please, do try this out and leave some response. Sent the ores and some Eternal Fire to my Warrior. Fyi, Eternal Fire goes for 28g each on my server, so now that bad money right there  

 Stats from ONE run: Time spent: 09:28 Crystallized Fire: 28 Crystallized Water: 10 Crystallized Earth: 7 Crystallized Shadow: 16 Saronite Ore: 42 Titanium Ore: 3 Green Gems: 4 Blue Gems: 1 Total Gold: 203G - Using Current AH Price Multiboxers - READ! Too see how much you would earn per hour when multiboxing, you take
800g x The Amount of chars you box = The amount of gold you should be atleast be able to earn.
So basically. If you got five accounts with engineering on every one of them, all with mote extractor, you can get about two Eternal Fire from each of these clouds, giving you 50-60ish gold. Seeing as each of these clouds are pretty close (doesnt take you more than a minute, maximum two to get from one cloud to the next cloud.) You will earn the amazing amount of 3k/hour! (Considering you get 1,7 eternal and two full of them would go for 55g (27,50 per piece) and you use a minute between each cloud.) Now that, is really epic. Please, do keep in mind that everything in the Guide section that involves selling something via the AH depends on your server's economy.

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Wavemancali on 10 Dec 2009, 22:08:00 said...

You cannot put multiboxing in this equation, unless you are talking about multiboxing on 5 different realms.

Nodes are limited resources with single spawns, Once your first toon got it, there would be nothing there for the other 4 toons if you were multiboxing.

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