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How to Make Gold with Mining

This section will cover the different routes you can use to gather ore and other ways to make gold with mining.

Smelting Titansteel
Once you are skill level 450 skill you will be able to smelt Titansteel. The titansteel Bars go foraround 150G on average so check your server to see the local price. If you don't want to get the materials to make the Titansteel Bar yourself then you can sell the ability in trade chat and offer to smelt Titansteel for someone for a price.

Farming Ore
Farming ore is probably one of the most effective ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. Starting with the best ore to farm first and working our way down to the least profitable I will give you all of the routes on maps.

Ore Recommended Player Level
to Farm
Average Buyout Price (each)
Titanium Ore 77+ 7g
Thorium Ore 50+ 2g
Cobalt Ore 68+ 2g
Mithril Ore 45+ 1g 50s
Saronite Ore 73+ 1g
Adamantite Ore 62+ 1g
Fel Iron Ore 58+ 1g
Iron Ore 20+ 75s
Tin Ore 10+ 50s
Copper Ore None 25s

Farming Titanium Ore
Titanium Ore sells for an average of 7g each, that means you can expect to receive about 140g for a stack (depending on the server you are on). It was added in Wrath of the Lich King and can only be found in a the higher level zones in Northrend. It is best to farm Northrend zones early in the morning or late at night when everyone is still asleep or at work otherwise you may have problems finding nodes due to competition.

Titanium in Icecrown
It's recommended you have a flying mount and be 77+ to farm Titanium in this zone. Use the map below for the best results.

Titanium in Sholazar Basin
It is possible to do this next route without a flying mount but it is oftentimes so competitive you will have a hard time if you are on a ground mount. You will want to stick to just the outside loop if you are doing it on the ground, you probably want to be 75+ to do this route effectively. There are two different routes you can alternate between. All of the pillars have pretty good ore around the outside of them and so does the entire outer edge of the zone, mix and match onto the routes whenever you get bored.

Titanium in The Storm Peaks
This is another route you will want to be level 77+ for and have a flying mount. Most of the Titanium nodes will be found in caves so be sure to stop at all the caves marked on the map.

Farming Thorium Ore

Believe it or not, the most profitable non-rare spawn ore is Thorium which is from the original World of Warcraft. The reason behind this is simple, more and more people are power leveling their professions to 450 to get awesome Epic items in Wrath of the Lich King but none of these people want to go out and farm Thorium because you can't use a flying mount to farm it and most people would rather just buy it in the Auction House. This is bad for them, but good for those who want to make some money. So below I will give you the best 2 routes to get Thorium. Remember there are Rich Thorium Veins (required skill 275) and Small Thorium Veins (required skill 245).

Thorium in Silithus
You will most likely want to be around level 55 or higher to farm this route without getting killed frequently. Don't forget there are Ooze Covered Rich and Thorium Veins in this zone to be mined just like regular Rich Thorium Veins. Most of the nodes are around the hives where the bugs are.

Thorium in Un'Goro Crater
I have set the minimum skill for this route to 245 but keep in mind there are Rich Thorium Veins around the center and western edges that will require 275 skill to mine. It is vital that you make sure you go into the cave in the northeast and drop down into the Hive in the south in order to maximize your ore.

Farming Cobalt Ore
Cobalt ore typically sells for about the same as Thorium Ore, there are several advantages and disadvantages to each. For example, Cobalt Ore will require you to be a higher level and if you want to do it efficiently it is best that you have a flying mount and be level 77+ even though you will not need to be that level to not be killed. The mobs are also higher level around the Cobalt Nodes and there will be more competition. The advantage is, you can farm Cobalt Ore while you level in Northrend. So choose which one to farm based off your local Auction House, both are great.

Cobalt in Zul'Drak
I'm highly recommending you do not try to follow this route unless you have a flying mount because you will run into problems with walls and drop offs without one. It can be done without a flying mount but it may not be optimal. Also, there is a mix of Cobalt Deposits and Rich Cobalt Deposits, if you aren't 375 skill so you can mine both it also might not be optimal but technically you can farm the regular Cobalt Deposits at 350 skill.

Cobalt in Howling Fjord
There will also be a mix of Rich Cobalt Deposits and Cobalt Deposits in Howling Fjord but the skill I recommend is going to remain at 350 because there should be more regular nodes than not. You will also want a flying mount to complete the route effectively but you don't need one just watch out for parts of the route that don't use bridges and make sure you ride across them instead of following the route in some places.

Farming Mithril Ore
Here is another great ore from the original World of Warcraft that can be farmed for some profits. The reason people want this ore, is the same reason they want Thorium Ore. It takes awhile to farm by ground mount and they'd rather pay for it to power level their professions. If you're not level 80 don't worry, this step was made just for you!

Mithril in The Hinterlands
You don't need to be high level for this mining route, level 40+ will suffice, although some of the mobs on the eastern end can get as high as level 50. Obviously, it's always better to be higher level than the highest mob you're going to be near but it's doable without that.

Mithril in Tanaris
Tanaris is my favorite spot to mine Mithril Ore for the simple fact that the route is so easy. Yeah it looks like I just drew a circle on the map but there's more to it than that. This circle hits all of the major nodes and areas for Mithril in Tanaris. There isn't a better route and it's simple.

Farming Saronite Ore
You're probably shocked to see Saronite Ore this far down the list in the 5th position but there's an easy explanation as to why it's not as profitable as the above ore, it's over farmed. Yep, everyone in the world is out looking for Titanium Ore and what node is the place holder for Titanium? If you said Saronite, you're correct. There is so much Saronite farmed from the Northrend zones it's almost worthless, but not quite, you can still expect to get 40g for a stack of 20 on average and it has earned the position of the 5th best ore to farm, profit wise.

Saronite in Icecrown

You'll notice this route is almost an exact replica of the Titanium Route above. The only modification has been to fly southeast more over the Temples cause there's usually 3-5 Saronite Spawns in that region that you can get. You will probably find Titanium on the way too since Saronite is a placeholder for Titanium.

Saronite in Sholazar
Sholazar is usually the favorite for those players who just hit 77 and can ride their epic flying mount again. This route can also be farmed on land mount but its not recommended.

Farming Adamantite Ore
Adamantite Ore can be farmed for a moderate profit but it's not as important as the first five so I'll just give you one good map to use.

Farming Fel Iron Ore
Fel Iron is on the same par as Adamantite for making gold off of it, but it's probably easier to get because it's most prevalent in the beginning zone once you enter Outland, Hellfire Peninsula.

Farming Iron Ore
This is a step lower level players can do to make money if you aren't high enough to do the ones above. The mobs in zones with Iron are typically start at around level 20, therefore you need not be much higher to effectively follow this route.

Farming Tin and Copper Ore
Copper and Tin Ore can be farmed effectively by players 10+, it's an excellent step to use to help pay for your mounts at level 20 and 40. Unfortunately the best zone to do them in is The Barrens, a Horde zone, but have no fear, you can still get over there as Alliance. You can run south out of Ashenvale or take the boat from Stranglethorn, either will be a grand adventure for someone around level 10, good luck!

Converting Ore into Bars
With the introduction of Jewelcrafting, there usually isn't a price discrepancy between ore and bars because Jewelcrafters need to prospect ore, but sometimes there is, especially for nonprospectable ores. Before you post any of your ore up for sale make sure you check the price of bars and see if you can make more money just by smelting them. Also look for ore in the Auction House and see if any of it is cheap enough to buy and make into bars for profit. This is an easy way to make some cash without even going mining but it depends on your local Auction House.

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