Saturday, December 12

Increase stats to infinity

This one is super easy (surprisingly), and easily bannable. THE STAT CHANGES ARE PERMANENT, LAST THROUGH LOG-OUT, LOADING SCREENS, GEAR CHANGES, DEATH, AND CANNOT BE REMOVED. You will get banned.


Go to "The Other World" as people are calling it. Best done by using the boat from booty bay, going to the barrens, and before the boat stops, jump in the water and DC yourself (Sometimes it takes a long time).

Next, you should log in falling, and die. You should spawn by hammerfall.

-------------Don't Ressurect!-------------

You have to go to the spirit healer and take the sickness. When you do, que for Strand of the Ancients. It's important you go through otherworld before you que, not sure why but I only got the increases when going through this.

Next, hope you're attacking. You have to get into a demolisher before the OtherWorld Sickness wears off. When you do, line up with another demolisher - Its easiest if you have a friend join the BG with you. Get both drivers out of them, passenger side switching doesn't work.

Final Steps: When in a vehicle, you'll notice your health increases about 75% from before. Wasn't it supposed to go down with the sickness debuff? Well, it is. But it doesn't. You will notice if you leave the vehicle, your health normalizes after 1-2 seconds (Similar to how pets that spawn after you mount have low health, and it gets reset to full when the server 'notices' they didn't spawn with full health and are supposed to. For example, when a warlock hops off a mount you will see for a split second the pets health is around 4000 as opposed to the 10000 total, and it quickly refills to full after that split second). Well, the same idea is here. When in one driver seat, click leave vehicle (or macro/keybind etc to speed it up) and BEFORE YOUR HEALTH 'RESETS' down to its lower value, hop into the second demolisher.


You will see your health has increased a second time, another 75%. The 'switched' 75% is permanent, but the static 75% (the original) leaves when you exit the vehicle after this and do not re-enter one in the 1-2 second time frame. If you wish to continue stacking just do the hop/switch repeatedly, between the two. If you have a slow internet (700 ms) like me it will work every time, but with lower MS it might be slightly harder to get the lag to help you as much. Simply repeat until you hit any amount of stats you want or until the debuff wears off. Your stats last even after the Sickness wears off. It's permanent.

Proof: My character is --Banned-- on Torthreldin, im currently doing Arenas and have 1.4 million health, and 1.2 million mana. Whisper me and I'll come to you to show dying/gear/loading screens etc doesn't remove the stats. I'm queing from Orgrimmar right now.

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rauf on 13 Dec 2009, 10:19:00 said...

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rauf on 13 Dec 2009, 16:32:00 said...

Thanks For The Game instructions

Anonymous said...

doesn´t work. tested it for hours... -.-

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