Wednesday, December 23


So after doing some tests in World of Warcraft myself on chains of ice in it's buggy state, I found out a weird bug that can be exploited for awesome things like boss pulls. There are only little requirements, namely;
  • You are able to set up a focus target.
  • You are able to cast chains of ice on a focus target.
  • You are specced into Endless Winter.
Once you got all these, simply put focus target anything attackable that is near you, and in the main target window you get the target which you want to pull (with /target ) Cast chains of ice on your focus target (/cast [target=focus] Chains of Ice) and Frost Fever will be applied on your main target while you are casting on your focus target. This works from ANY range :] check out below: Heroic Training dummy in my main target, other one in my focus Showing the endless winter talent Casting chains of ice on the focus dummy, applying frost fever to the main target dummy (Watch the chains of ice animation on the focus dummy) And finally, targeting a dummy that is far out of range, and not even in line of sight getting Frost Fever from me casting chains of ice on the focus target. This can be used on ANY mob as long as your able to target him, and there is anything attackable nearby (A critter, anything works !) Hope you guys can pull of some funny ninjapull with this ;D

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wow strategy guide on 23 Dec 2009, 18:22:00 said...

Haha.. a weird bug! What can we pull aside from dummy? can we pull boss to?

Any way nice screnie and its explained well.

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