Monday, January 4

Fireballs anywhere (And create lag with a G15 keyboard)

If you use this to lag people out, its bannable, use at your own risk. Just firing it normally is fine though.

The bombs from Intercept the Reinforcements Can be used anywhere. They make a fireball that looks cool etc etc, anyone can grab them (70+). If you have a g15 keyboard or another way to spam a key+mouse press extremely fast (100+ of each a second) then you can use this item to create lag spikes (and a really, really cool explosion).

The macro: Have your G15 macro press whatever button you keybound the bombs to then left click. If you don't want lag, put in a 0.1 second delay then copy it and paste it as many times as you want.

If you want lag, do not put in the delay and put in as many fireballs as you want, the more in the macro the laggier it will be (Personally I made one that lags the area out for ~5 secs and another that just makes one short lag spike).

If your macros aren't working, try putting on repeat while pressed.

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