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Questing for gold

If you enjoy questing and want to make an extra 200g everyday doing a very effective and pre-planned route your best bet is to check out, They have an AddOn that shows you exactly where to go as you do the quests. It overlays an arrow on your screen pointing in the direction of your next objective, which automatically updates as you progress. It's a must have.

Otherwise, doing quests isn't very effective compared to the methods described in this post. You should only do them if you enjoy them, are working for faction reputation or are working towards an achievement.

Sons of Hodir

The Sons of Hodir are located in Dun Niffelem in Storm Peaks. To make these quests available you must complete the long quest chain in Storm Peaks starting in K3 with: They Took Our Men. By doing their daily quests and turning Relics of Ulduar, you can earn the right to purchase any of these 4 epic shoulder enchants:

Sons of Hodir Daily Quests (82 gold & 1950 Sons of Hodir rep)

Brunnhildar Village

There is a village called Brunnhildar Village in west of Dun Niffelem. You can do these quests before or after you do the Sons of Hodir quests, you will only make about 50 gold and won't earn any reputation.

Sholazar Basin

There are two factions in Sholazar Basin, The Oracles and The Frenzyheart Tribe. You can only progress with one of them at a time, and it costs all your reputation with the opposing faction to do so. The Frenzyheart doesn't have much to offer, however the Oracles will allow you (once revered) to purchase a Mysterious Egg every 7 days which has a small chance of awarding you with a Green Proto-Drake. If you want achievements, I recommend doing the Frenzyheart to Exalted first, then work on The Oracles so that you can obtain [Mercenary of Sholazar] and start buying Mysterious Eggs every 7 days.

The Oracles

The Frenzyheart


There are dozens of daily quests in Icecrown, for both Horde and Alliance. Most of them start from your faction's respective ships: The Skybreaker (Alliance) and Ogrim's Hammer (Horde), both fly over the northeastern area of Icecrown. There are also several mini-areas with quest NPCs.

The Skybreaker (160 gold)

Ogrim's Hammer (160 gold)

The Shadow Vault

The Shadow Vault is located in the north of Icecrown, northwest of Aldur'Thar. You'll find Baron Sliver there who starts some of the quests.

Death's Rise

Death's Rise is located on the far western cliffs of Icecrown, almost to Onslaught Harbor, you'll find Uzo Deathcaller there giving quests.

Kibli Killohertz (Alliance)

Fringe Engineer Tezzla (Horde)

Assault Outposts (Alliance: Ground Commander Koup, Horde: Ground Commander Xutjja)

Ymirheim (Alliance: Frazzle Geargrinder, Horde: Blast Thunderbomb)

Argent Dailies

There are dozens of quests at the Argent Tournament Grounds. Depending on your faction with Silver Covenant/Sunreavers and whether you're a Aspirant, Valiant, Champion or Crusader. At any given time you can go to the Argent Daily grounds and do all the available daily quests and make about 50g. But you'll find yourself spending a lot more time earning access to the various faction rewards than you will making gold. The topic of doing these quest for reputation/collectibles is beyond the scope of this guide, but if you're interested take a look at WoW Wiki's Argent Tournament article to find out what pets and rewards you can earn progressing through the Argent Tournamant Dailies. I don't recommend doing the dailies for gold.

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