Monday, February 8

Clothfarming Instant Respawn

I started to level my reputation of Ironforge and Stormwind with quests, I came to Wetlands and found this spot.

It´s a Camp of Gnolls at 64,63. I used DnD with my Death Knight and they all died and the new Gnolls spawned there to, so i just had to put DnD up every time i could and they died almost instantly.

While DnD was active, i started to pull 2 or 3 Gnolls standing away from my DnD and looted everything i could.

I farmed for about 30 minutes and the results were great.

  • 21xStacks of Woolcloth (8g/stack on my server) = 168g

  • 13xStacks of Linecloth (1g/stack on my server) = 13g

  • 9xStacks of Silk Cloth (5g/stack on my server) = 45g

  • Grey Stuff = 14g

  • Green Stuff not sold yet

It´s not that big money, but if you want to level Tailoring or First Aid it will save you a lot of money.

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