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Dailies gold making guide

Dailies are often a quick way to make gold while gaining reputation. I suggest doing dailies just for this reason, there are really nice reputation rewards from certain factions that can actually end up making you more gold, when they are in the form of profession patterns.

Below you will find some of the best dailies that I recommend doing if you are looking to make gold or gain reputation.

The Storm Peaks
The Storm Peaks has 5-6 dailies in Dun Niffelem and 4 dailies in Brunnhildar Village, which, if done quickly can yield high gold per hour return. The Sons of Hodir reputation is useful to earn your shoulder enchants: Greater Inscription of the Axe, Greater Inscription of the Crag, Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle and Greater Inscription of the Storm. You can also earn the right to pay 10,000g for an epic Grand Ice Mammoth. Similarly, doing the Brunnhildar Village give you a tiny chance of receiving a rare epic Polar Bear Mount.

Sons of Hodir (1950 Sons of Hodir rep + 82g)

Brunnhildar Village (49g 50s)

Icecrown has the most dailies for one zone in Northrend, a total of 38 dailies across Horde & Alliance. Most of these dailies are found on either the Skybreaker (Alliance) or Orgrim's Hammer (Horde). However, most of them won't be available until you finish all the quests that start from your faction's airship. I strongly recommend doing all the quests so you can enjoy and reap the benefits of these dailies.

Alliance Ship (160 gold):
The rest of the Icecrown dailies are scattered around in several camps. The blue circles represent Alliance camps and the red represent Horde camps:

The Shadow Vault (Neutral)
Death's Rise (Neutral)
Assault Outposts (Alliance: Ground Commander Koup, Horde: Ground Commander Xutjja)

Ymirheim (Alliance: Frazzle Geargrinder, Horde: Blast Thunderbomb)

Kibli Kilohertz (Alliance)
Fringe Engineer Tezzla (Horde)
Sholazar Basin
Sholazar is home of two competing factions: The Oracles and The Frenzyheart tribes. Most people choose the Oracles, once you're Revered you can purchase a Mysterious Egg every 7 days which gives you a tiny chance of receiving a Green Proto-Drake, also known as the Welfare Drake for people who can't earn their own. Either one you pick you can do 3 dailies for them, chosen randomly from a pool of 7.
The Kalu'ak are the Tuskars that hang out on the edge of the North Sea all around Northrend. The only purpose to doing their dailies is to buy the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole at exalted. I don't recommend doing their dailies for gold since the return is pretty poor. But I've added this portion to the guide just in case you wanted to get the achievements or the fishing pole.

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