Monday, March 22

solo icc trash mobs

As of March 21st 2010 you can solo most mobs by yourself if icc 10

  1. Raid group
  2. First wing dead (maybe not, depends if they spawn without the first wing being down [havnt tested it])
  3. A vanish/shadowmeld/feigndeath/invisible/invisibility pot
  4. Have rotface and festergut alive (either one or both is fine)
  5. A programa to let you noclip/flying

How to:
  1. You will need to go far underground so that the mobs dont hit you, but dont go too far or you will die
  2. Go to where Professor Putricide (Professor Putricide - NPC - World of Warcraft) is (he will not get you in combat since rotface/festergut are still alive)
  3. You need to turn off fly and noclip and stand on the ground
  4. Drink the potion labeled "drink me" in his room"
  5. >>>You will now need to use what ever method you can to get out of combat within the next 4 seconds<<< (#3 of the requirements)
  6. This will turn you into a Giant thingy where you do about 8k dps (and a +20% damage taken on the target, so dps will go up as this stacks)
  7. Turn noclip and flying back on
  8. Fight mobs

(you can also tank bosses for your guild!)
^ (that is also a great way to get reported if they dont know you very well)

In the above picture you se that it's posible to use it in a boss

Have fun before they nerf it within the next month! you can repfarm or farm for epic trash drops

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